About Gems of Grace Songs

A Gem without the light is just a dull stone

Gems of Grace Songs was knitted together as a songwriting team in July 2015. Our duo is made up of Suzanne Benavides Sutherland and Regina Dowker.  We have now added Jerry Rizzi who brings beautiful color to our songs with cello, guitar and five string bass.The goal and drive of our songwriting music ministry is Hope! We love the Lord and that love implants a constant desire to share hope in any form fashion or style that the Lord has designed for us.  The thread that knits us together is hope in the form of music notes. Hope and love are present in each song we write. We don’t confine ourselves to one style but use the diversity God has given us. We work together as a team on everything. We are learning and Growing deeper in him as we write and share our testimonies. We pray for one another, pray for others and lift each other up. God is the needle that guides our threads of hope.


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